Wolfgang Dür obtains best paper award for publication on his Bachelor thesis

The paper “Merging Redundant Crystal Oscillators into a Fault-Tolerant Clock” by Wolfgang Dür and his supervisor Andreas Steininger received the Best Paper Award at the 23rd Symposium on Design & Diagnostics of Electronic Circuits and Systems – DDECS’2020. The paper summarizes the results of Wolfgang Dür's Bachelor thesis.

Wolfang Dür pursues a Bachelor with Honors at our faculty. In his Bachelor's thesis he found a way of building a circuit that combines several independent clock sources in such a way that fault-tolerant clocks are provided at independent outputs -- thus avoiding a single point of failure. While these clocks fail independently, the fault-free ones always stay tightly synchronized to a single one of the clock sources. If one of these sources fails, all outputs automatically synchronize to another of the available sources. One important use case is to supply replica in a TMR system with synchronized clocks -- thus largely simplifying the voting -- while avoiding the clock to become a single point of failure.