TUW Third at F1TENTH Grand PRIX at ICRA in Philadelphia

By winning the third place at the F1Tenth Grand PRIX in Philadelphia at ICRA (the International Conference on Robotics and Automation, No 1 in robotics), TUW has succeeded to be on the podium for the third year in a row (twice on the first place and once on the third place) at the best robotics conferences in the world.

The competition was very tough, with 38 teams from universities such as CMU, Rice, UCSD, UPenn, University of Texas at Austin, ETH, University of Bologna, and the Polish Academy of Science - see https://icra2022-race.f1tenth.org/registration.html.

TU Wien team Scuderia Segfaul succeeded to be ahead of all the above mentioned universities, except for the organiser UPenn (first place) and the Polish Academy of Sciences (second place, which we beat in 2020). We offer to the race team, consisting of Luigi, Felix, Daniel, Stefan, Dennis, Moritz, and Andreas, our congratulations!