Leading European cybersecurity research organizations and Intel Labs join forces to conduct research on Collaborative Autonomous & Resilient Systems

The new research institute operates in the fields of drones, self-driving vehicles, and collaborative systems in industrial automation. Under the lead of Andreas Steininger as Principal Investigator TU Wien's Embedded Computing Systems Group contributes to this endeavor.

Intel and leading European universities in the field of cybersecurity and privacy will open a new lab for “Collaborative Autonomous & Resilient Systems” (CARS) to tackle security, privacy, and safety challenges of autonomous systems that collaborate with each other – examples are drones, self-driving vehicles, or industrial automation.

The goal of the CARS lab is to foster longer-term collaboration between partner research organizations to advance the state of the art. The partners are TU Darmstadt (Germany), Aalto University (Finland), Ruhr-Universität Bochum (Germany), TU Wien (Austria), and Luxembourg University (Luxembourg). The coordinator of the new CARS lab will be TU Darmstadt serving as the hub university, where several Intel Labs researchers are located. The research teams will collaborate with Intel Labs researchers to design, prototype, and publish novel and innovative resilient and secure autonomous collaborative systems and validate their ideas in real-world scenarios.


More details can be found at TU Darmstadt's website and at TU Wien's Informatics website.