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REMOTE PARTICIPATION HINT: The Corona rules of TU Wien currently do not allow us to run on-site presentations in our lecture rooms. The default medium for on-line presentations will be this ZOOM, unless stated otherwise.

TI Research Groups

This page gives information on the research groups that contribute substantially to the research focus and the study programs Technische Informatik/Computer Engineering. All students interested in practicals, Bachelor, Master or PhD theses, or internship projects are kindly requested to contact the potential supervisors directly, to find out about possible project assignments.

Note that the list below is not fully exhaustive, since the work of several other groups in the Faculty of Informatics and in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology also touches upon the area of computer engineering.

[Please contact U. Schmid (s@ecs.tuwien.ac.at) if you are interested to have your group also listed here. ]

Ezio Bartocci E191-01 Cyber-Physical Systems Group CPS verification and synthesis, runtime verification, quantitative evaluation
Pavol Cerny E192-04 Formal Methods in Systems Engineering Group Program synthesis, computer-aided verification
Norbert Görtz E389-03 Signal Processing Group Statistical signal processing, distributed estimation, deconvolution
Radu Grosu E191-01 Cyber-Physical Systems Group Modeling and learning, verification, CPS/IoT
Axel Jantsch E384-02 Systems on Chip Group Network on chips, self-aware and predictive systems on chips, sensor nodes
Wolfgang Kastner E191-03 Automation Systems Group Fault-tolerant real-time systems, distributed automation, automation systems integration
Andreas Kugi E376-02 Complex Dynamical Systems Group Systems and control theory, non-linear and optimal control, distributed-parameter systems
Peter Puschner E191-01 Cyber-Physical Systems Group Real-time systems, timing analysis
Ulrich Schmid E191-02 Embedded Computing Systems Group Fault-tolerant distributed algorithms, modeling and analysis of digital circuits, epistemic logic and topology
Andreas Steininger E191-02 Embedded Computing Systems Group Asynchronous circuits, fault-tolerant computing, clock domain crossing, metastability
Jesper Larsson Träff E191-04 Parallel Computing Group Parallel machine models, shared-memory algorithms, MPI

TI Research Presentations Schedule

Below are the dates for this year's research overviews of researchers working in TI-related fields (these events recur every winter term). These presentations shall make our students aware of these fields and provide an opportunity to get in touch with potentially available supervisors for Bachelor and Master theses, practicals and projects.

[Please contact U. Schmid (s@ecs.tuwien.ac.at) if you are interested to also present TI-relevant research topics conducted in your working group. ]

Day   Date              Time    Room    
Name              Topic Online Medium
Thu 29.10.2020
09:15 EI 6 E191-02 U. Schmid Fault-Tolerant Distributed Computing WISSARB
Thu 12.11.2020 09:15 EI 6 E191-01 P. Puschner Real-Time Systems WISSARB
Thu 3.12.2020 09:15 E384 A. Jantsch Embedded Machine Learning ZOOMown
Thu 14.1.2021 09:15 E191-02 A. Steininger Reliable Clocking in the SoC Era Zoom


TI Master Thesis Seminar

In the Seminar für Diplomand_innen für Technische Informatik (180.778), we offer some (not mandatory) lectures and 3 presentation days (for Master Thesis Proposals and Master Thesis Results - contact your supervisor for getting a slot) per semester that are open for everybody:

Day Date Time Room Supervisor Author Title of Master thesis / proposal Online Medium
Wed 3.3.2021 12:15 Grosu Hannes Brantner Neural Network Arena: Comparing Machine Learning
Models using Long-Term Dependency and Physical System Time Series Benchmarks


Wed 3.3.2021 12:30 Kastner Stefan Adelmann Proposal: A Survey of Energy Efficient Multicast Routing Protocols for Wireless Low Power and Constraint Devices


Wed 3.3.2021 12:45 Kastner Daniel Lukitsch Proposal: Evaluating the Energy Simulations of Multicast Routing Protocols used in Wireless Sensor Networks


Mon 12.4.2021 09:15 Steininger Patrick Behal Proposal: Quantitative Comparison of the Sensitivity of Delay-Insensitive Design Templates to Transient Faults ZOOM
09:35 Kastner/Steindl Andrej Kurtović Proposal: Seamlessly Interfacing Automation Systems with Simulations: A Case Study for FMI and OPC UA ZOOM
09:55 Steininger/Maier Lukas Graussam Bakk: Automatic Verification Framework for VHDL Code Examples
10:25 Schmid/Maier Josef Salzmann Bakk: Approximating Anaslog Waveforms by Adding Arbitrary Functions
11:00 Platzer/Puschner Alexander Fasching Proposal: Evaluation of the seL4 Micro-Kernel on an Experimental Signal Processing Platform ZOOM
Wed 12.5.2021 12:15 Steininger Patrick Behal Quantitative Comparison of the Sensitivity of Delay-Insensitive Design Templates to Transient Faults ZOOM
12:45 Kastner/Frühwirth Felix Knorr Development of a Framework for Modelling Applications in the Smart Grid Domain ZOOM


TI Bachelor Thesis Presentations

To also support our Bachelor students, the table below contains the dates of selected presentations of TI Bachelor theses :

Day Date Time Room Supervisor Author Title of Bachelor thesis Online Medium
 Mon 12.04.2021  09:55   Jürgen Maier/Andreas Steininger  Lukas Graussam Automatic Verification Framework for VHDL Code
     10:25   Jürgen Maier/Ulrich Schmid  Josef Salzmann Approximating Analog Waveforms by Adding Arbitrary Functions ZOOM