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Details for Data-Cache Analysis for a Time-predictable Processor

State-of-the-art and novel techniques for data cache analysis should be implemented in a compiler/worst-case execution time analysis framework for a time-predictable processor.


Hard real-time systems are characterized by the fact that their correctness does not only depend on the computational results but also on their timely delivery.
Therefore, the timing behavior of such systems must be known a-priori.
It is the task of WCET-analysis to compute safe upper bounds of real-time tasks, considering the possible paths through a program and a model of the underlying hardware.

In the T-CREST project, a platform for time-predictable multi-core embedded systems was developed. At TU Wien, the research groups of Prof. Puschner and Prof. Knoop jointly developed the compiler infrastructure for the time-predictable processor of this platform.

The compiler is based on the LLVM framework. A toolkit, platin, for the integration of the compiler with timing analysis has been developed (implementation langage Ruby).
The goal of this thesis is to extend the toolkit by data cache analysis capabilities.
It will be necessary to improve the existing framework to extract information about potential targets for memory accesses. Based on this information, state-of-the-art and novel techniques for data cache analysis should be implemented in platin.

Required Skills

* Proficiency in C++ and Ruby
* Basic knowledge of real-time systems, compiler construction and program analysis
* Experience with the LLVM framework (optional)


Ao.Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Peter PUSCHNER

Dipl.-Ing. BSc Daniel Leo WILTSCHE-PROKESCH (main responsibility)