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Details for Limitations on the Analyzability of Real-Time Systems

To operate real-time sytems in a safe way, it is required to know the maximum execution time of the program code. However, there are problems to reason about the program behavior in general (c.f., the Halting Problem).

It is the goal of this work to analyze the problem from the other side, i.e., by analyzing what code structures are predictable. For this one has to also look on program analysis methods to reason about what properties can be derived by such an analysis. It is the goal of this work to find restrictions on the program structures, such that the execution time analysis becomes feasible.

Required Skills

Interest in analytical methods.

Estimated End Date

01. 07. 2007


Privatdoz. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Raimund KIRNER (main responsibility)


Diplomarbeit, Dissertation