Some advices for Computer Engineering Master thesis presentations

Please make sure to address the following issues when presenting a Master thesis in Computer Engineering at the "Diplomprüfung" (where you have to defend the work that you did):

  • Highlight what your thesis is about:
    • For theoretical work, what were the research questions addressed?
    • For practical work, what were the practical questions asked?
  • State your actual contribution:
    • How does your thesis relate to existing work?
    • What is the theoretical or practical "delta" achieved w.r.t. the state-of-the-art?
    • For practical work, what is your tool doing that no other can?
  • Describe the evaluation of your accomplishments:
    • Especially for practical work, what evaluation approach and metrics did you use?
    • Show that your solution surpasses existing ones in at least one respect.