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Reports, Miscellaneous

J. Träff: The Shortest Path Problem with Edge Information Reuse is NP-Complete
CoRR - Computing Research Repository, arXiv:1509.05637, 2015; 3 pages
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D. Pfleger, U. Schmid: A Framework for Connectivity Monitoring in Wireless Sensor Networks
TUW-241107, 2015
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M. Schwarz, K. Winkler, U. Schmid: Fast Consensus under Eventually Stabilizing Message Adversaries
TUW-240061, 2015; 13 pages
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U. Schmid: FWF-Proposal ADynNet: Gracefully Degrading Agreement in Directed Dynamic Networks
TUW-235381, 2014
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U. Schmid: Final Report FWF FATAL-Project (P21694)
TUW-235380, 2014
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H. Kopetz (invited): Why a Global Time is Needed in a Dependable SoS
Engineering Dependable Systems of Systems (EDSoS) 2014, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
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H. Kopetz (invited): From Embedded Systems to Systems of Systems
10th IEEE/IFIP Workshop on Software Technologies for Future Embedded and Ubiquitous Systems (SEUS), Reno, Nevada, USA
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H. Kopetz (invited): Systems of Systems Need a Global Time
23rd NIST-ATIS Synchronization Workshop, San Jose, California, USA
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M. Pöter: Pheet meets C++11
CoRR - Computing Research Repository, arXiv:1411.1951, 2014; 19 pages
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J. Träff, M. Wimmer: An improved, easily computable combinatorial lower bound for weighted graph bipartitioning
CoRR - Computing Research Repository, arXiv:1410.0462, 2014; 33 pages
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M. Meisel, M. Berger, T. Hofer, F. Judex, M. Jung, G. Kienesberger, M. Pichler, S. Prost, W. Prüggler, K. Röderer: SGMS - Smart Web Grid - Konzeption eines Informationsmodells für webbasierten Zugriff auf Smart Grids Daten
Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft mbH (FFG), 2014; 214 pages
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F. Dür, T. Flatz, I. Kovacic, L. Waltenberger, D. Wiegand, S. Emrich, I. Leobner, T. Bednar, K. Eder, W. Kastner, B. Heinzl, K. Kiesel: INFO - Interdisziplinäre Forschung zur Energieoptimierung in Fertigungsbetrieben
Klima- und Energiefonds, 2013; 132 pages
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U. Schmid: Final Report FWF PSRTS-Project (P20529)
TUW-235379, 2013
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M. Wimmer, D. Cederman, F. Versaci, J. Träff, P. Tsigas: Data Structures for Task-based Priority Scheduling
CoRR - Computing Research Repository, arXiv:1312.2501, 2013; 19 pages
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S. Hunold, J. Träff: On the State and Importance of Reproducible Experimental Research in Parallel Computing
CoRR - Computing Research Repository, arXiv:1308.3648, 2013; 15 pages
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M. Wimmer, D. Cederman, J. Träff, P. Tsigas: Configurable Strategies for Work-stealing
CoRR - Computing Research Repository, arXiv:1305.6474, 2013; 17 pages
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J. Träff: A Note on (Parallel) Depth- and Breadth-First Search by Arc Elimination
CoRR - Computing Research Repository, arXiv:1305.1222, 2013; 7 pages
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C. Siebert, J. Träff: Perfectly load-balanced, optimal, stable, parallel merge
CoRR - Computing Research Repository, arXiv:1303.4312, 2013; 8 pages
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W. Kastner (invited): Building Automation and the Internet of Things
Tomas Bata University: International Week, Zlin, CZ
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J. Träff (invited): History of MPI
UPMARC Summer School on Multicore Computing, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden
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