New Project PersoRad: Looking for PhD

PhD-Position in ML and CT at the TU Wien

The Cyber-Physical-Systems Division of the Faculty of Informatics at the TU Wien is looking for an exceptional PhD student that will combine expertise from Machine-Learning (image recognition) and control theory (optimal control).

The PhD student will be employed for the duration of 3 years (with possible extension) within a European Horizon 2020 project, with a salary corresponding to 40 hours/week (2864 € gross).

The student is expected to employ supervised, deep-learning tools and techniques (e.g. deep residual networks) in order to: First, segment the prostate from radiological images (CT and MRI scans), where the prostate area is marked (labeled) by a physician. Second, diagnose the prostate cancer malignity, based on histological-data and medical-expertise labels. Third, improve the radiation treatment in future patients, based on patients’ follow-up investigations. The follow-up investigations will quantify the effectiveness of the treatment applied so far.

The student is also supposed to investigate novel deep-neural-networks architectures (such as various types of neural ODEs), in order to improve the accuracy of prediction and control.

The ideal candidate has a very strong mathematical background in probability theory, and strong programing skills. She/he also has a very strong interest in machine learning and control theory, and a good knowledge state-of-the-art tools and techniques.

Please submit your applications to the email address provided bellow.


Phone +43 1 58801 18210


Cyber-Physical-Systems Division
Department of Computer Science
Vienna University of Technology
Treitlstraße 3, 1040 Vienna, Austria

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