Practicals & Theses

List of practicals and theses at the Embedded Computing Systems Group (E191/2)

Evaluation of operating systems for microcontrollers in wireless embedded systems

ECS: Projektass.(FWF) Dipl.-Ing. BSc Martin PERNER, 30. 01. 2014

The scope of this work is to evaluate the difference between operating systems, e.g., TinyOS and contiki, on battery powered AT86RF230 RCB motes, with regards to performance, code size and architectural design style.


Can we trust the chips of the future?

ECS: Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Andreas STEININGER, 07. 08. 2012

Recently concerns have been raised that some chips used in military applications have security problems: The suspect is that the fab has introduced a backdoor into the hardware. Announcements like this raise the question whether hardware is becoming prone to security threads like trojans, backdoors etc. that have so far been deemed to be "software only". Your task will be to investigate this issue in a literature study and develop a catalog of potential threads and related case reports.