General information

I have created a TUWEL course RTSCHED-2021S, where I will provide all the information required for joining on-line. Please enrol to this course via TISS as soon as possible.

Live streaming of lectures

All my lectures will take place exactly as given in the schedule, but will be streamed NOT from HS17 via LectureTubeLive, as originally planned, but rather from the library of the ECS Group E191-02 (Treitlstrasse 1-3, 2nd floor), which allows me to use ZOOM. Unfortunately, "ordinary" students cannot join me in the lecture room :-), as only TU Wien employees (staff, funded PhD students, tutors, etc.) are allowed to enter and use our facilities. The ZOOM link for the regular lectures is provided in the TUWEL course.

    Student presentations

    Student presentations will take place according to the schedule, via a dedicated ZOOM link provided for the respective presentation in TUWEL.

    Recall that I will determine who is going to present the next topic on the spot. The presenter is required to have the camera on during the presentation, and will of course be given the right to share the screen.