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Topic 1 "Knowledge-based approach"


Intro paper:

[BM14] Ido Ben-Zvi and Yoram Moses. 2014. Beyond Lamport's Happened-before: On Time Bounds and the Ordering of Events in Distributed Systems. J. ACM 61, 2, Article 13 (April 2014), 26 pages. DOI=10.1145/2542181

Students papers:

[HM90] J. Halpern, Y. Moses. Knowledge and Common Knowledge in a Distributed Environment, Journal of the ACM 37(3): 549-587, July 1990

[MDH86] Y. Moses, D. Dolev and J. Y. Halpern. Cheating Husbands and Other Stories: a Case Study of Knowledge, Action and Communication, Distributed Computing, 1:3, pp. 167-176, 1986.

[BM13] I. Ben-Zvi, Y. Moses. Agent-Time Epistemics and Coordination. Proc. ECLA'13, Springer LNAI 7750, p. 97-108, 2013.


Topic 2 "Dynamic Networks"


Intro paper:

[SW89] N. Santoro and P. Widmayer. Time is not a healer. STACS’89, Springer LNCS 349, p. 304–313, 1989.

Students papers:

[KLO10] F. Kuhn, N. A. Lynch and R. Oshman. Distributed computation in dynamic networks. STOC'10, Proceedings of the Forty-second ACM Symposium on Theory of Computing, p. 513–522, 2010.

[CFN15] B. Charron-Bost, M. Függer, and T. Nowak. Approximate consensus in highly dynamic networks: The role of averaging algorithms. ICALP'15, Springer LNCS 9135, p. 528–539, 2015.

[CGP15] É. Coulouma, E. Godard, and J. G. Peters. A characterization of oblivious message adversaries for which consensus is solvable. Elsevier TCS 584, p. 80–90, 2015.

Topic 3 "Distributed Algorithms for Blockchains"


Students papers:

 [PSS17] R. Pass, L. Seeman, A. Shelat. Analysis of the Blockchain Protocol in Asynchronous Networks. EUROCRYPT 2017, Part II. Spinger LNCS 10211, p. 643-673, 2017.

[GKL16] J. A. Garay, A. Kiayias, N. Leonardos. The Bitcoin Backbone Protocol: Analysis and Applications.