Problems in Distributed Computing (182.703)

30.11.2022: Added (tentative) paper assignment and student session schedule.

29.10.2022: I need to replace the lecture on November 30, 2022 by an on-line meeting, devoted to identifying topics and papers for the student presentations. The Zoom-link can be found in the schedule below.


Advanced knowledge in the area of fault-tolerant distributed algorithms; improved skills for developing mathematical correctness proofs and performance analyses; practice in reading scientific papers in the area of distributed algorithms.

ECTS breakdown (4.5 ECTS = 112.5 hours):

15h           Introductory lectures
20h           Solution of homework assignments
10h           Student sessions
67.5h        Paper reading



System and failure models, advanced concepts in distributed algorithms (ranodmization, self-stabilization, epistemics, etc.), advanced proof techniques.


Ulrich Schmid, Thomas Schlögl




This course is devoted to selected advanced topics in distributed algorithms, and builds on prerequisite knowledge and skills established in 182.073 Verteilte Algorithmen (or similar).

Enrolling takes place in the first lecture (see the schedule below).

The course gives an overview on advanced topics in distributed computing, with a more detailed treatment of some selected topics detailed below. In addition to a number of overview lectures, which are complemented by some homework assignments, these topics are primarily dealt with in plenary discussion sessions led by the students. Every plenary discussion will be devoted to (part of) a seminal scientific paper, which must be read by all participants in advance. The leading student has to give a presentation of the most important parts of the paper (using slides or blackboard), to stimulate and lead discussions, and to answer questions by the other participants and the instructor.

Please note that attendance is mandatory; please let one of the instructors know about unusual circumstances prohibiting attendance in advance, and clear all excused (= to be certified) absences with them as well.


Grading is primarily based on the assessment of:

  • The quality of your homework solutions (35%): Please turn in solutions to at least three problem sets ("food for thoughts") during the semester (just email them to the instructor); turning in more may improve your grade.
  • The quality of your presentation and discussion leadership (55%)
  • Your participation in the discussion sessions and in the lectures (10%).


Papers can be chosen from several topics, which are still to be determined. Possible candidates are e.g.

  • Fault-tolerant distributed algorithms
  • Knowledge in distributed computing
  • Dynamic networks
  • Digital circuits

You will find suggestions for particular papers here.

Homework will be assigned in the lectures ("Food for Thoughts").

SCHEDULE (permanently under construction ...)

All lectures take place in the library of the Embedded Computing Systems Group E182/2 (room DE0258, Treitlstraße 3, 2nd floor); the lectures assume presence in the lecture room but will be offered in a hybrid format (Zoom) for those who are prohibited to attend. The lectures will normally be every Wednesday from 14:15-15:45, see the schedule below for possible exceptions.








Slides ZOOM
Wed   12.10.2022 14:15   Course Introduction Schmid Slides Zoom
Wed   19.10.2022 14:15   Lecture: Short Introduction to Distributed Algorithms Schmid  
Wed 26.10.2022 No lecture
Wed 02.11.2022 No lecture
Wed   09.11.2022 14:15   Lecture: Advanced Topics in Distributed Algorithms (Randomization) Schmid  Slides
Wed 16.11.2022 14:15 Lecture: Advanced Topics in Distributed Algorithms (Self-Stabilization)
Wed   23.11.2022 14:15   Lecture: Synchrony and Time in FT Distributed Algorithms Schmid  Slides
Wed   30.11.2022 14:15   On-line meeting: Assignment and scheduling of students presentations     Zoom
Wed 07.12.2022 14:15  Lecture: Modeling of Digital Circuits Schmid  Slides
Wed   14.12.2022 14:15   Lecture: Basics Knowledge-based Approach Schmid  Slides
15:00 Sample session [BM14] Schlögl
Wed   21.12.2022 14:15   Canceled due to TU Wien closedown :-)  
Wed   11.1.2023 14:15  

Student session [LQR17]


Student session [WMS19]

Rincon Galeana
Wed   18.1.2023 14:15  

Student session [?]


Student session [FMOS22]

Wed   25.1.2023 14:15  

Students session [CM21]





Some useful links for finding scientific papers: