A DC-to-8.5GHz 32:1 Analog Multiplexer for On-Chip Continuous-Time Probing of Single Event Transients in 65nm CMOS

Abstract - A multiplexer circuit capable of accessing 32 internal nodes for continuous-time probing of signal waveforms is proposed. A chip has been fabricated with 8 multiplexer instances and was used in experiments for monitoring radiation-induced single-event transients in digital circuits. Pulses with less than 100 ps width and pulses over 1 V in height were observed for 230 MeV particle hits. Measurements show 8.5 GHz -3dB bandwidth, 1.92 % total harmonic distortion (THD) for 1 V input range, and 6.58 % for 2 V input range. The measured dynamic range is nominally 26.5 dB.

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