Wanted: Teaching Assistant Microcontroller

job offer: teaching assistant

We are looking for a teaching assistant for the Microcontroller courses (summer term). Work hours are on the average 18 hours per week for four months. Be aware that work hours dramatically increase before exams, so you must be flexible.


Setting up and maintaining the lab hardware. This includes repairing and soldering boards, organizing and supervising up to 3 soldering days (18 students), and anything else that might come up here.
Exam Organization:
Planning of the exams, organization of supervision schedule; creating and implementing the exam tasks, generating the exam papers, preparing the lab.
Student Support:
Debugging of programs where the tutor could not find the error, debugging of exam programs, answering questions in TUWIS and newsgroup.
Tutor Support:
Organizing tutor training, maintaining contact with tutors, generally making sure they are well prepared and have a good working environment.

Further Tasks As Time Warrants

Supervision of Practicals:
Some practicals of the department have to do with microcontrollers. Such practicals should be supervised by the teaching assistent.
Correcting Exercise Submissions:
This includes reading the exercise protocols, checking for and correcting mistakes, determining general problem areas in the exercises, and evaluating student comments.
Updating the FAQ:
Collecting questions, devising answers, preparing the text (Latex) for the FAQ.

Necessary Skills

  • good knowledge of electronics
  • good soldering skills
  • experience with microcontroller programming, preferably with the Atmel ATmega series
  • good debugging skills
  • flexible time management
  • a positive grade in VL Microcontroller
  • good English
For more information, send a mail to mc-org@tilab.