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Please read this if you plan to do a seminar (where you need to write a paper) at our department.

Jobs (Academic)

Winter term:
The Embedded Systems Engineering course is generally looking for tutors for the next winter term. If interested, please send a mail to ese-admin@vmars until July 31 (the earlier, the better). Assignment is for 3 hours per week.

Summer term:
We are looking for a teaching assistent for the Microcontroller course for the next summer term (more information). If interested, send a mail to mc-org@tilab until December 31. Assignment is variable.

We are looking for tutors for the Microcontroller course for the next summer term. If interested, please send a mail to mc-org@tilab until November 30 (the earlier, the better). Assignment is for 3 or 6 hours per week.

A tutor gets paid 170 Euro per assigned supervision hour, work time is 4 months. So if you are assigned for three hours a week, you will earn 510 Euro for the job. A teaching assistant gets 255 Euro per assigned hour, work time is 6 months (this corresponds to the tutor's 170 Euro per hour for a 4 month work time).

Jobs (Non-Academic)

I have compiled a list of companies that work in the embedded systems field and employ microcontrollers.

Some links about job application in general:


Take a look at the TI-Portal for all practicals of our department.

Finished projects (only projects with homepages are listed):

  • Voin Legourski has developed a test system that can be used to automatically verify students' exam programs.
  • Lukas Silberbauer has built a line-following robot for the Microcontroller lab.
  • Rainer Müller has designed a board computer for a simulated motorcycle.


I strongly encourage you to play around with microcontrollers (or FPGAs, or whatever else you are interested in) and external hardware. Nothing is as instructive as doing own projects. So think up a nice and not too large application, and then just design and implement it.
Note that many companies offer free samples of their less common ICs, so if you want to use a specific IC that is too new or uncommon to be easily available, asking the manufacturer may help. This also pertains to expensive parts. You may have to give the manufacturer some information about your person and intended project to get a free sample.

The following lists are certainly not exhaustive. But they do give you some starting points. If you know of any other suppliers (preferably from Europe and/or very good/cheap) that should be added to these lists, notify me.

Where to Get Electronic Parts in Vienna

Some Other Suppliers for Electronic Parts

Check out the minimum order quantities (sometimes you have to order at least 10 or more pieces of an IC) and the minimum total price (this may range from no bound to 100 Euro and more) of your vendor.

PCB Manufacturing

Controller Boards