projects SPAWN W2F SynUTC

Current and past research projects I participated in:

  • SPAWN (Fault-Tolerant Distributed Algorithms in Sparse Ad-hoc Wireless Networks)

    This is an ongoing project (2005-2008) about sparse ad-hoc wireless networks. We aim to develop fault-tolerant distributed algorithms that run directly atop sparse networks.

    Project homepage

  • W2F (Wired/Wireless Factory+Facilities Fieldbus)

    This project (1999-2003) focused on the development of a distributed, fault-tolerant, and secure fieldbus which seamlessly integrates both wireline and wireless communication.

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  • SynUTC (Synchronized UTC for Distributed Real-Time Systems)

    The project was dedicated to high-accuracy clock synchronization. I participated from 1995-1999 and wrote the SimUTC simulation environment for clock synchronization algorithms.

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