Muhammad Shafique

Muhammad Shafique
Univ.Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Phone +43 (1) 58801-18252
Fax +43 1 5880118297

Vienna University of Technology
Institute of Computer Engineering
Embedded Computing Systems
Treitlstraße 3, 1040 Wien, Österreich


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  1. lpACLib – A Library of Low-Power Approximate Computing Modules

    This open-source library contains the VHDL and C implementations of accurate and approximate versions of several arithmetic modules (like adders and multiplier of different bit-widths) and accelerators. Besides our novel designs, it also contains implementations for several state-of-the-art arithmetic modules and their approximate versions. This open-source library facilitates research and development in approximate computing at higher abstraction levels, and to facilitate reproducible research and comparisons.

  2. ApproxAdderLib – A Library of High-Performance Approximate Adders

    This open-source library consisting of MATLAB and Verilog Models of various approximate adders to allow hardware/software designers to evaluate their designs. It contains an in-house developed low latency Generic Accuracy Configurable Adder that provides a high number of potential configurations enabling a high degree of flexibility and a trade-off between performance and output quality.

  3. CES265 – >A Multithreaded High Efficiency Video Coding Software

    CES265 is a light-weight and parallelized next-generation High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) software that provides a significantly higher throughput compared to the HEVC reference software. It is parallelized using HEVC's novel Tile concept and pthread multi-threading API.

  4. YASAV – An SRAM Memory Aging Simulator

    YASAV is a GUI-based simulation tool for fast analysis and visualization of SRAM based memory aging. It accepts an SRAM scratchpad memory configuration and provides aging estimates and an in-depth duty cycle analysis. It supports different forms of visualization of results for different input configurations.

  5. CES Software Dependability

    This package consists of a Configurable Fault Generator integrated with a Reliability-Aware Processor Simulator, Fault Injector and Error Logger for analyzing the impact of bit flips in different processor components on the application software execution. Different reliable compiled binaries are provided.

  6. GAME – Gate-Level Aging & Masking Estimation Tool

    GAME provides an integrated aging and error masking estimation tool along with several example netlists of different circuits. It analyzes the aging of x% critical paths of a circuit for different years and quantifies the error masking potential of different paths of a given netlist.

  7. TSP – Thermal Safe Power

    Thermal Safe Power (TSP) is a power budget concept that provides safe power constraint values as a function of the number of simultaneously operating cores in many-core systems. This software tool computes the TSP for the given multi-/many-core processor configuration and thermal constraints.

  8. MatEx – Efficient Transient and Peak Temperature Computation for Compact Thermal Models

    MatEx implements a method for computing the transient temperature peaks (resulting from resource management decisions changing the power consumption in a many-core system) in just a few milliseconds, which is suited for run-time usage. Moreover, MatEx can also be used to efficiently compute all transient temperatures for any given time resolution without accuracy losses.