Ulrich Schmid

Full professor (Head of ECS Group)

 International Symposium on DIStributed Computing (DISC) 2017


Ulrich Schmid
Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.

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Vienna University of Technology
Department of Computer Engineering
Embedded Computing Systems
Treitlstrasse 3, 2nd floor, 1040 Wien, Austria



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I am interested in finding sound solutions to relevant and difficult scientific problems in all areas of computer engineering. My major concerns are motivation and support of my own PhD students and PostDocs and, more generally, creating a climate that combines challenge, openness, fun & freedom in my research group. My past and current PhD students (I am proud of and grateful to all of them) could tell ...

Research fields: Starting out from the mathematical analysis of algorithms and network protocols for multiaccess channels, I turned to analytic combinatorics in the analysis of the performance of queueing systems subject to deadlines. My current major research interests are modeling and mathematical analysis of fault-tolerant distributed algorithms, distributed real-time systems, dynamic networks, and fault-tolerant asynchronous VLSI circuits/SoCs.

Here is what I would currently consider my five most interesting publications:

Five additional publications that I find particularly interesting can be found here.

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Here are some of my current and more recent research projects:

This project is devoted to the development of the theoretical foundations, models, algorithms and analysis techniques for relaxed distributed agreement in directed dynamic networks. It shall yield new insights into the fundamental limitations of dynamic networks as well as the development of novel algorithms that solve distributed agreement problems reliably even under very weak communication guarantees.

RiSE is an FWF-supported research network (NFN), devoted to applying rigorous methods from formal verification to systems engineering. My primary areas of interest are currently parameterized model-checking of fault-tolerant distributed algorithms, dynamic systems modeling and analysis of distributed algorithms, and applying algorithmic game theory for competitive analysis of real-time scheduling algorithms.

The aim of the FATAL project is the development of the foundations of a modeling and analysis framework for fault-tolerant asynchronous VLSI circuits, by combining fault-tolerant distributed algorithms knowledge and experimental assessment of both radiation-induced failures and metastability.

PSRTS is devoted to the development of a sound scientific basis for fault-tolerant distributed hard real-time systems with relaxed synchrony conditions, by adding a proper real-time systems perspective to the theory of distributed algorithms.

The Theta project is devoted to the development and validation of a partially synchronous system model based upon a bounded ratio of end-to-end delays for fault-tolerant distributed real-time systems.



My major intention here is to convey some my own enthusiasm about research to my own students, and to help them to develop their individual skills as much as possible - which also requires challenging them to the extent necessary for reaching international competitiveness. I also want them to understand that computer science is much more than programming, and that solving challenging research problems primarily requires mathematical/formal and abstraction skills. In fact, I strongly believe that developing such skills is the core (and unrivaled) responsibility of universities and hence the central issue in academic curricula.

Besides Scientific Working in our Bachelorstudium "Technische Informatik", I primarily teach the following courses in our Masterstudium "Technische Informatik" (and other master studies):


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I serve in several internal and external commitees and boards. Feel free to contact me in any matter related to the following:Speaker of the Professorenkurie of the Fakultät für Informatik


About myself

I am currently full professor and head of the Embedded Computing Systems Group at the Institut für Technische Informatik at TU Vienna. My background is in computer science and mathematics as well as in industrial electronics and embedded systems design. I received several awards and prices, most notably the Austrian START-price, and own the venia docendi ("Habilitation") for the whole field of computer science at TU Wien.

Here is my full curriculum vitae:

I am married to Dr. Isolde Schmid-Reiter, who is assistant professor at the University of Vienna and secretary general of the European Academy of Music Theatre. My private interests besides my family are music (playing organ), philosophy, literature, and athletics.