Lab Assignments

Lab assignments for the course VU "Zeitanalyse von sicherheitskritischen Echtzeitsystemen"


The lab assignments of the timing analysis course should give you a deeper understanding of the state-of-the-art tools, techniques and concepts of worst-case execution time analysis. The assignments are prepared in groups of 2-3 students.

In the first assignment you will analyse the WCET of a real-time application. This includes a description of possible execution paths with annotations, a static analysis of the WCET with a timing analysis tool, and a comparison to measurements.

In the second assignment you will be concerned with prerequisites and techniques for time-predictable systems.

Important dates

The exercises are prepared as part of a guided lab. To this end, there are 4 computers in the TI lab (Room 3, ti24 - ti27), which have the required software installed and can be used to solve the exercises. The computers are generally available, except for special reservations for exams of other courses, etc. Please consult the TILab timetable for availability.

Note that you can also login via ssh: ssh -X
The aiT licenses are bound to the hosts ti24-ti27.

An Altera DE2-70 board will be connected to ti24, a second board can be provided on demand.

Wed 08.03.2017

Assignment 1 is available

Thu 09.03.2017

Start of the lab part

Fri 12.05.2017

Assignment 2 is available


General remarks

In addition to the source code, you have to hand in a report describing your solutions in a concise way. You should use the template provided in the assignment (directory "report/").

Send your solutions to:


Assignment 1

Task Description:

Problem Description

Source Code for Problems

Additional Resources:

Getting Started

Flow Fact Annotation Primer

Patmos Processor Handbook - relevant chapters: 2, 4 (to understand the disassembly), 8 (compilation)

Points and Grading

You can achieve up to 25 points for the first assignment.


Assignment 2

Task Description:

Problem Description


Points and Grading

You can achieve up to 25 points for the second assignment.


Lab Environment

In the WCET lab, we will use:

  • AbsInt aiT for Patmos

For AbsInt's Tool, a user manual is available in the lab.