Dependable Systems




Dr. Stefan Polendna, Dr. Wilfried Steiner, Dr. Peter Puschner





Introduction to practical assignment: date to be announced  (time and location as usual)


First Lecture: March 2018 (date to be announced)

Day/time: Thursday, 16:00-18:00

Location: EI 8, Pötzl HS


Course Structure


The course comprises a series of lectures and a practical part. Lectures will be held on a weekly basis (see above for time and location). In the practical part, students explore reliability and cost parameters of a little case study by means of a modeling tool.


An introduction to the practical part will be given in one of the lectures in the second half of the semester. In that lecture, the practical assignments will be distributed. Course participants will be asked to form groups of two or three students that cooperate on the assignment. They are expected to document their work and the results of the assignment in a lab protocol, and to submit this lab protocol at the end of the semester.


Registration for the practical part of the course is not required. Student are automatically registered by submitting their lab protocol.




Grades are based on the scores for the oral exam (75%) and for the lab protocol (25%).





Lecture Slides
01: Introduction
02: Basic Concepts and Taxonomy
03: Fault Tolerance and Modelling
04: Standards and Processes
05: Failure Modes and Models
06a: System Aspects 1
06b: System Aspects 2

06c: System Aspects 3


Materials for Practical Assignment


The materials for the practical assignment will be added later in the semester.

Slides: Introduction to assignment
Agreement form





Date(s) and Location(s):

  • Monday, Oct. 23, 11:30-13:30 - Schönbrunnerstraße 7, 1040 Wien (TTTech).

Enrolment: Students who want to enter the exam, please contact Mrs. Pany,