Computer Architecture VO


Technical deepening in a special field Improvement of presentation technique Improvement of the scientific-writing abilities


Scientific deepening in a special feld of Embedded systems, Literature research and summerizing the results as a report, oral presentation of the results as a speech. Topics can be found on our homepage. You are welcome to propose own topics, provided these are related to the research activities of our department, or you can as one of the lecturers about a possible topic. Didactic concept: For the first time a demanding scientific report about a specific topic in the area of embedded systems is elaborated. This encompasses the literature search (including the filtering of irrelevant/non-trustworthy sources), the targeted structuring of the material, the precise written presentation and interpretation, as well as the oral presentation under a given time constraint. For all steps the advisor regularly provides guidance.


O.Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Herbert GRÜNBACHER


182.092 Computer Architecture VO and 182.093 Computer Architecture LU belong to "Studienpläne Informatik 2009" and were part of the master curriculum.
In the 2011 Informatic Curriculum Technische Informatik (Computer Engineering) a similar course "182.690 Rechnerstrukturen VO" will be offered but this course is part of the bachelor curriculum. The new Curriculum will not have a LU  Rechnerstrukturen, but instead the LU "Digital Design and Computer Architeture" will be offered. 

There are no more regular tests for "Computer Architecture". Students still needing a certificate for "Computer Architecture" should contact me by e-mail.

The course "Computer Architecture" was based on the textbook "Computer Organization and Design: The Hardware Software Interface" by D.A. Patterson and J.L. Hennessy, Elsevier, 2009.

Lecture Slides

Chapter 1: Abstractions and Technology
Chapter 2: Instructions: Language of the Computer
Chapter 3: Arithmetic for Computers
Chapter 4: The Processor
Chapter 5: Exploiting the Memory Hierarchy
Chapter 6: Disk & I/O Systems
Chapter 7: Multiprocessor Systems, Multiprocessor Network Topologies

MIPS32 Instruction Set     MIPS32-IS Quick Reference Card

Intel "Single-Chip Cloud Computer"
Vienna Scientific Cluster