The objective of INDEXYS (INDustrial EXploitation of the genesYS cross-domain architecture) is to tangibly realize industrial implementations of cross-domain architectural concepts developed in the GENESYS project in thress domains: automotive, aerospace and railway, thereby relating to ARTEMIS-JU Industrial Priority: "Reference designs and architectures".

GENESYS (GENeric Embedded SYStem Platform) is developing a cross-domain architecture according to requirements of the ARTEMIS Strategic Research Agenda. The GENESYS architectural style supports a composable, robus, and comprehensible component-based framework with strict separation of computation from message-based communication. So components can be massively reused in differing contexts. In the GENESYS architecture three integration levels of components are distinguished: chip-level, where IP cores communicate via a deterministic Network-on-a-Chip (NoC), device level, where chips communicate withina device, and system level, where devices communicate in an open or closed environment. INDEXYS expands the GENESYS approach by implementing and integrating architectural services into prevailing (real-world!) platform solutions. A key goal of INDEXYS is legacy integration, for platform providers - by integrating new architectural services into legacy platforms - and for platform users - by supporting legacy applications. INDEXYS addresses robustness wrt. design faults and physical faults by diversity and component replication.

INDEXYS targets ARTEMIS JU Sub-Programme 5: "Computing environments for embedded systems" by developing new concepts for composable component integration, re-usable dependability services, and a cross-domain tool-chain based on OMGs Model Driven Architecture. By fostering development of re-usable dependable products and associated services, INDEXYS significantly contributes to competitive advantages of European players in the transportation industries.

Detailed information on the progress of the INDEXYS project is available at the project homepage