ARTIST2 is an FP6 Network of Excellence on Embedded Systems Design. ARTIST2 started in September 2004 and has duration of 48 months.

ARTIST2 is an FP6 Network of Excellence on Embedded Systems Design.
ARTIST2 started in September 2004 and has  duration of 48 months.

The long-term objective of ARTIST2 is to build a durable European research community on Embedded Systems Design, by integrating the topics, teams, competencies, from 7 essential topics: Modelling and Components, Hard Real-Time, Adaptive Real-Time, Compilers and Timing Analysis, Execution Platforms, Control for Embedded Systems, Testing and Verification. The NoE will act as a Virtual Centre of Excellence in the area of Embedded Systems Design. It is structured into clusters (virtual teams), corresponding to these essential topics. The integration into joint research activities will occur at two levels: Integration within clusters. Currently, the efforts on the identified topics are fragmented, and there is no European research team that would gather the sufficient critical mass needed. The integration of a topic is a first step towards integrating the area as a whole. Integration between cluster topics to create the multi-disciplinary community that will pilot the embedded systems design area. This will be achieved through integration activities that will bring together teams from different clusters. The Joint Programme of Reseach Activities includes research both within the clusters, and between clusters. Intra-cluster research aims to create critical mass and excellence on each essential topic. Inter-cluster research aims to integrate the area as a whole. The implementation of the Joint Programme of Research Activities is supported by the Joint Programme of Integrating Activities, including research platforms, mobility of personnel, and a common communication infrastructure. A central mission for the NoE is spreading excellence in the area, through an ambitious Joint Programme of Activities for Spreading Excellence, including Education and Training, Dissemination and Communication, Industrial Liaison, and International Collaboration.