The ACROSS project is coordinated by TU Vienna and is combining the research efforts of 19 companies, research organizations and universities from Austria, France, Germany and Italy.

ACROSS (ARTEMIS CROSS-Domain Architecture) aims to offer a common architectural solution in the automotive, aerospace and industrial control domains.

It is the objective of the ACROSS project to develop and implement an ARTEMIS cross-domain architecture for embedded MPSoCs based on the architecture blueprint developed in the FP7 project GENESYS (Generic Embedded System Architecture). ACROSS will result in the design of a generic Multi-Processor Systems-on-a-Chip (MPSoC) and a first implementation in an FPGA. The ACROSS MPSoC will provide a stable set of core services as a foundation for the component-based development of embedded systems with short-time-to-market, low cost and high dependability. The ACROSS-MPSoC will be a universal platform for automotive, aerospace and industrial control systems in order to realize the benefits of the economies of scale of the semiconductor technology. Additionally, the ACROSS-MPSoC platform provides significant potential for being adopted by other industries with safety-critical data communication requirements such as applications in the medical, power generation, space domains, to mention just a few. Using the core services of the ACROSS-MPSoC, a library of middleware services will be realized in the ACROSS project. Generic middleware will offer services to be used in multiple application domains (e.g., fault-tolerance, diagnosis, security), while domain-specific middleware will implement domain-specific services for specific domains (e.g., AUTOSAR services for the automotive domain, IMA services for the avionic domain). Another significant result of the project will be a general design methodology, supported by appropriate adaptable tools, for the implementation of ACROSS-based applications. The benefits of the cross-domain architecture will be shown in demonstrators from the targeted application domains.

Please visit the ACROSS project homepage to get more information on the scope and progress of the ACROSS project.