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APA Interview with Radu Grosu about CPS: Connecting the World

From smart clothing and driving assistants to smart grids: The digitalisation of all areas of life increasingly combines the real and virtual world in "Cyber-Physical Systems". How the growing armada of sensors and small computers should communicate is topic of a conference next week in Vienna with more than a thousand participants.

Cyber-Physical Systems: The World Is Going Smart

From computer chips triggering an airbag to smart cities: “cyber-physical systems” are changing our world. During CPS-week (April 11 -14. 2016), the international scientific community comes together in Vienna.

DieselGate: Armin Wasicek in Zeit-im-Bild on the VW Scandal

VW has manipulated its Diesel cars in the US to trick emission tests. The Austrian TV news Zeit-im-Bild interviewed Armin Wasicek in a TV report. Armin states that without security, manipulation of the car computers is absolutely possible.