Former Research Group Members

PhD Students

    • Ariful Islam 
      PhD Fall 2015, joined CMU (Ed Clarke's group), as a Research Associate. 
      Thesis: Formal Verification of Nonlinear Biological Systems

    • Abhishek Murthy  
      PhD Fall 2014, joined Philips Lighting Research in Cambridge MA.
      Thesis: Computational Modeling and Analysis of Cardiac Excitation

    • Tushar Deshpande 
      PhD Fall 2013, joined CA Technologies. 
      Thesis:  Formal Analysis of DNS Attacks and Their Countermeasures Using Probabilistic Model Checking 

    • Justin Syester 
      PhD Spring 2013, joined Google.
      Thesis: Runtime Verification of Kernel-Level Concurrency Using Compiler-Based Instrumentation

    • Xiaowan Huang
      PhD Spring 2010, joined 
      Thesis: Compiler-Assisted Software Model Checking and Monitoring. 

    • Ezio Bartocci
      PhD Spring 2009, joined Stony Brook University, NY, as a Research Associate.
      Thesis: A Formal Framework for Modeling, Simulating and Analyzing Networks of Excitable Cells.

    • Oliviero Riganelli
      PhD Spring 2009, joined University of Camerino, Italy, as a Research Associate.
      Thesis: Online Public Service Delivery for Small and Medium sized Organizations.

    • Pei Ye
      PhD Summer 2008, joined Electro-Optical Sciences, Inc., Irvington, NY.
      Thesis: Modeling Excitable Cells Using Hybrid Automata.

    • Ziyang Duan
      PhD Summer 2004, joined Reuters Inc., New York City, NY.
      Thesis: Automatic Verification and Synthesis of Web Service-based Workflows.

    • Shiyong Lu
      PhD Summer 2002, joined CS Faculty at Wayne State University, Detroit, MI.
      Thesis: Semantic Correctness of Transactions and Workflows.

    • Mike True, Sumit Jain and Wenkai Tan switched to industry and Chris Tartamella switched research topic.


Master Students

  • Ganesh Prabhu, Sebyashi Pradhan, Densel Santhmayor, Mike True, Wai Chong, Puloma Mukherjee, Krishnakumar N. Nair, Khushru K. Bamji, Harshad Kamat, Delia Paval (joined Reuters Inc.), Jaspreet Singh, Vaishali R. Wani, Qinghua Zhang, Jing Zhang, Divyanghi Anchan, Jyoti Wagholikar, Haibo Hu, Xie Wen, Yingrou Chen, Zhiping Qiu, Christian Stieber, Tobias Mayr, Stephan Breutel, Andrea Krause.