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Grosu/Stauner: Visual Description of Hybrid Systems

Visual Description of Hybrid Systems

R. Grosu and T. Stauner

The design of hybrid systems usually involves engineers from a number of different engineering disciplines. Hence, specification techniques are needed that can intuitively be understood by people from all these engineering communities. Furthermore, a formal foundation for these techniques in necessary to prohibit ambiguities which may be fatal in the safety critical environment of many hybrid systems. In this paper we present an example development scenario in order to demonstrate the use of HyCharts, a formalism that satisfies both these needs. The semantic foundation of HyCharts is outlined briefly.

In Proc. of WRTP'98, the 23nd IFAC/IFIP Workshop On Real Time Programming, Shantou, Guandong Province, P.R. China, June, Elsevier Science Ltd., 1998.