Broy/Grosu/Krueger: Automatically generating a program

Automatically Generating a Program

Manfred Broy, Radu Grosu, and Ingolf Krueger

A method, an apparatus and a computer program product are described for automatically generating a state-based program for a component of a system consisting of a plurality of components communicating with each other, wherein the program is generated from a specification of the system, the specification comprising interaction-based sequence descriptions of the system. According to the present invention, all sequence descriptions of said component are determined, the sequence descriptions are normalized, a state-based specification of said component is determined from the normalized sequence descriptions, and the state-based program for the component is determined from the state-based specification. The present invention facilitates the process of program development since the costly, manual development of a state-based program from the specification of a system is automated at least to a substantial degree.

US Patent No.: 06405361, 2002.