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Grosu/Broy/Selic/Stefanescu: Towards a Calculus for UML-RT Specifications.

Towards a Calculus for UML-RT Specifications

R. Grosu, M. Broy, B. Selic, G. Stefanescu

The unified modeling language (UML) developed under the coordination of the Object Management Group (OMG) is one of the most important standards for the specification and design of object-oriented systems. This standard is currently tuned for real-time applications in the form of a new proposal, UML for Real-Time (UML-RT), by Rational Software Corporation and ObjecTime Limited. Because of the importance of UML-RT we are investigating its formal foundation in a joint project between ObjecTime Limited, Technische Universitaet Muenchen and the University of Bucharest. In this paper we present part of this foundation, namely the theory of flow-graphs.

In Proc. of the 7th OOPSLA Workshop on Behavioral Semantics of OO Business and System Specifications, Vancouver, October, 19th, 1998.