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Grosu/Stoelen: Specification of Dynamic Networks

Specification of Dynamic Networks

R. Grosu and K. Stoelen

A dynamic data-flow network is a network whose components may interact on channels established dynamically as a result of communicating their associated ports. This paper generalizes a specification technique based on input/output-relations on streams to capture the special kind of privacy preservation found in such networks. A privacy preserving component never accesses, depends on or sends a port whose name it does not know. Composite specifications, describing networks of such components, are built from elementary specifications with three specially designed operators: one operator for static hiding, one for dynamic hiding, and one for parallel composition modulo many-to-many communication. The need for privacy preservation and the three operators are motivated by a small example.

In Proc. of NWPT'96, the 8th Nordic Workshop on Programming Theory, Oslo, Norway 1996.