Radu Grosu

Radu Grosu
Head Univ.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.rer.nat.
Phone +43 1 58801 - 18210
Fax +43 1 58801 - 182 99

Vienna University of Technology
Institute of Computer Engineering
Cyber-Physical Systems
Treitlstrasse 3, 3rd floor, 1040 Wien, Austria

Looking for a PhD?

The CPS Division has currently 1 PhD position available! If you are interested, please contact me at the above email.

  • (Open) One University-Assistant PhD Position (UnivAss)
  • (Given) One Research-Assistant PhD Position in NLP.
  • (Given) University-Assistant PhD position in the H2020
  • Doctoral College ENROL (apply at ENROL, Project 5)
  • (Given) Two University-Assistants PhD Positions (UnivAss)


Model-based design, analysis and control of complex dynamic systems; Model checking, abstract interpretation, logic and automata theory, control theory; Computational models in systems biology; Applied formal methods, software and systems engineering, UML.


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Past Projects

CMACS, AF: Computational Modeling and Analysis for Complex Systems NSF CNS-Expeditions-09-26190
SSW: Survivable Software AFOSR FA-0550-09-1-0481
VeroModo: A Framework for Modeling and Analyzing Complex Distributed Systems AFOSR STTR AF-2004-023
EHAc: Model-Based Learning, Analysis and Control of Excitable Cells CEWIT seed Proposal
EHA: Efficient Modeling and Analysis of Excitable Cell Networks Using Hybrid Automata NSF CCF05-23863
HYCON: Runtime Monitoring and Model Checking for High-Confidence Systems Software NSF CSR-AES05-09230
MODES: Model Based Design and Verification of Embedded Systems NSF CAREER CCR01-33583
GMC: Stony Brook GCC OpenSource Software Model Checking Toolkit NSF CAREER CCR01-33583
MOCHA: Exploiting modularity in model checking NSF CAREER CCR01-33583
CHARON: Hierarchical Design and Analysis of Hybrid Systems NSF CAREER CCR01-33583
HERMES: Model Checking of Hierarchical State Machines NSF CAREER CCR01-33583
INTIME: Methodologically Founded Development of Real-Time Systems BMR Br887/12-1
DYDAN: Dynamic Dataflow Networks NATO HTECH.CRG97-2948

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