Radu Grosu

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Vienna University of Technology

Looking for a PhD?

The CPS Division has currently 5+ PhD positions available! If you are interested, please contact me at the above email.

  • Two University-Assistants PhD Positions (UnivAss)
  • Three Research-Assistants PhD Positions (PersoRad and Adaptness)
  • Open position in the Doctoral College Resilient Embedded Systems (DCRES)


Model-based design, analysis and control of complex dynamic systems; Model checking, abstract interpretation, logic and automata theory, control theory; Computational models in systems biology; Applied formal methods, software and systems engineering, UML.


See our CPS Group's Projects

Past Projects

CMACS, AF: Computational Modeling and Analysis for Complex Systems NSF CNS-Expeditions-09-26190
SSW: Survivable Software AFOSR FA-0550-09-1-0481
VeroModo: A Framework for Modeling and Analyzing Complex Distributed Systems AFOSR STTR AF-2004-023
EHAc: Model-Based Learning, Analysis and Control of Excitable Cells CEWIT seed Proposal
EHA: Efficient Modeling and Analysis of Excitable Cell Networks Using Hybrid Automata NSF CCF05-23863
HYCON: Runtime Monitoring and Model Checking for High-Confidence Systems Software NSF CSR-AES05-09230
MODES: Model Based Design and Verification of Embedded Systems NSF CAREER CCR01-33583
GMC: Stony Brook GCC OpenSource Software Model Checking Toolkit NSF CAREER CCR01-33583
MOCHA: Exploiting modularity in model checking NSF CAREER CCR01-33583
CHARON: Hierarchical Design and Analysis of Hybrid Systems NSF CAREER CCR01-33583
HERMES: Model Checking of Hierarchical State Machines NSF CAREER CCR01-33583
INTIME: Methodologically Founded Development of Real-Time Systems BMR Br887/12-1
DYDAN: Dynamic Dataflow Networks NATO HTECH.CRG97-2948

Teaching at TU Vienna

Teaching in Stony Brook

Research Group

Current Professional Activities

APA Interview with Radu Grosu about CPS: Connecting the World APA Interview with Radu Grosu about CPS: Connecting the World

From smart clothing and driving assistants to smart grids: The digitalisation of all areas of life increasingly combines the real and virtual world in "Cyber-Physical Systems". How the growing armada of sensors and small computers should communicate is topic of a conference next week in Vienna with more than a thousand participants.

BMVIT Interview with Radu Grosu about CPS BMVIT Interview with Radu Grosu about CPS

The Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Innovation und Technologie) interviewed Radu Grosu about Cyber-Physical Systems as part of the CPS week.

Online Publications

Most of the papers available from this document appear in print, and the corresponding copyright is held by the publisher. While the papers can be used for personal use, redistribution or reprinting for commercial purposes is prohibited.