Bernhard Frömel

Bernhard Frömel
Projektass. Dipl.-Ing. BSc
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Vienna University of Technology
Department of Computer Engineering
Cyber-Physical Systems
DE0314 Treitlstraße 3 1040 Wien Österreich


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Simplicity, System-of-Systems Engineering, Model-based Design, Real-Time Systems, Time-Triggered Architectures, Time-Triggered-on-Chip Architecture

I am currently working on my PhD thesis concerning interface design in time-aware Systems-of-Systems (SoSes), under the advisement of Prof. Kopetz.
In this topic I deal with modeling aspects of large, distributed, dynamic, multi-owned, time-sensitive SoSes which are composed of constituent systems that interact (physically and in cyber-space) for the purpose of realizing some emergent effect. A typical example is the Smart Grid where the emergent effect is a balanced distribution of energy among producers and consumers. Further, I am experienced with embedded systems engineering, distributed real-time systems (especially Time-Triggered Architectures), digital design/computer architectures, Internet-of-Things, Webservices/SoA, and adaptable networks/systems in general.


In case you find something interested here or feel that your own thesis topic proposal correlates with my research interests, please contact me by email for an appointment.

Master's Thesis Topics

Bachelor's Thesis Topics / Bachelorarbeit Themenvorschlaege



Embedded Systems Engineering VO+LU Master WS13, WS14
Operating Systems UE Bachelor SS14, WS14, SS15
Operating Systems Development UE Bachelor SS14, SS15
Deterministic Networking VU Master SS14, SS15


Co-authored Publications

  • Roland Kammerer et al. Composability and Compositionality in CAN-Based Automotive Systems based on Bus and Star Topologies. In: Proceedings of INDIN 2013. 2013.
  • Roland Kammerer, Bernhard Frömel and Armin Wasicek. Enhancing Security in CAN Systems using a Star Coupling Router. In: Proceedings of SIES 2012. 2012.
  • Roland Kammerer, Roman Obermaisser and Bernhard Frömel. A Router for the Containment of Timing and Value Failures in CAN. In: EURASIP Journal on Embedded Systems. 2012.
  • Roland Kammerer, Roman Obermaisser and Bernhard Frömel. Dynamic Configuration of a Time-Triggered Router for Controller Area Network. In: Proceedings of ETFA 2012. 2012.
  • Roman Obermaisser et al. Integrating safety and multimedia subsystems on a Time-Triggered System-on-a-Chip. In: Industrial Informatics, 2008. INDIN 2008. 6th IEEE International Conference on. IEEE. 2008, S. 270275.


  • Bernhard Frömel. An Application Development Approach for the Time-Triggered System-on-Chip Architecture. Master's Thesis. Vienna University of Technology, 2013. [ link ]
  • Bernhard Frömel. Development and Build Environment for Embedded Systems. Bachelor's Thesis. Vienna University of Technology, 2008.


AMADEOS 2013 -- 2016
  • WP1 Analysis of Existing SoSs
  • WP2 Conceptual Model of a SoS
  • WP3 Design Methodologies and Design Guidelines
IndExYS 2009 -- 2011
  • WP2 Automotive Platform (Canrouter)

2007 -- 2009

  • WP4 Trusted Network Authority Software
  • WP7 Integration of all Subsystems
  • WP8 Demo Application [ video ]