CPS Division visited by delegation of 35

On May 18 the CPS Division was visited by a delegation of 35 persons, 18 from Germany and 17 from Austria.

The German delegation was lead by BMWi, and the Austrian delegation by BMVIT.

Beside the two ministries, there were participants from institutions such as Fraunhofer, FZI, Siemens, Intelegece, TWT, GI, ADA, Cleopa, DataExperts, Aerospace form Germany, and LCM, Know Center, JKU, Infineon, ATOS, Salzburg Research from Austria.

The CPS Division first presented its work on Smart CPS/IoT Ecosystems, followed by three simultaneous demos on the Swarm Nodes, Fog Nodes, and Robotic control with WormNet recurrent neural networks, it has already developed.

The participants were very enthusiastic about the TU Wien's work, and were looking forward to joint DE/AT projects.